Family Enterprise Planning is aimed at strengthening your family’s foundations – your relationships and shared core ideologies – while carefully making fundamental preparations for a sustainable family enterprise. It is a process affirmed by the oldest and most prestigious multidisciplinary professional association for family enterprise in the world, Family Firm Institute.


Prepare your Next Generation of Leaders to Succeed

Through Leadership Succession Planning ensure that prosperity of the business is continued and the unity of the family sustained.

Family Retreat

  • Process a family retreat to craft the family constitution
  • Establish family governance structures

Study and Recommend Best-suited Governance

  • Establish the Family Council
  • Facilitate one BOD and /or Family Council Meeting

Retirement Planning of Founder


Family Unity Sustains Business Prosperity

At the heart of the Planning Process is Family Unity Building. With Family Unity Building, you can pass on the family values and culture that makes the family succeed and set the mission, vision and direction of the family.

Guided Discovery

  • Interviews with the family members to establish baselines of individual family members’ concerns, hopes, and dreams.

Family Culture Building

  • Process a one day family visioning workshop to rediscover the family’s shared history, values and culture


Keep wealth within the family by making the family united

Through the Ownership Succession Plan, you can preserve the success of the Family Enterprise and leave tangible legacy for your Family’s next generation.

Estate Plan

  • Preparation Dialogue for Ownership Succession with
  • Founders and Family Members
  • Development of Right Ownership Structure / Model
  • Organization of Family Assets and Liabilities
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Family Estate Valuation System

Asset Protection

  • Family Assets And Ownership Risks Assessment
  • Craft Agreements to enforce Policies and Protect
  • Shares Of Stocks/Family Assets


Balancing the Needs of the Family & the Business

Through Family Financial Planning, you assure the good life of the family regardless of the business’ risks. And without
hampering business capital.

  • Financial Goal Coaching
  • Personal Cash Management
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Education Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Investment Plan
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